More and Most Quiz 2023

Short powerpoint quiz to introduce the comparative and superlative more and most. From More and Most Trivia Quiz by ThatOneAlt.

I just changed most of the questions, updated some and kept a few. Also updated the worksheet notes and put them on the slides too.

I tried the original but it was too difficult for my students - several only got one correct. With this one at least half the class could get half the answers right.

I used it as a short introduction to the grammar but use it as you like.

I just had them write the answer to the Powerpoint questions individually on the worksheet (Japanese OK) and then showed the answer on the TV.

Slide 15 is specific to me so you may want to change it.

Thanks to the original uploader.

Small files
  • Y2 L6-2 More and Most Trivia Quiz Worksheet.docx (19.1 KB)
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  • Y2 L6-2 More and Most Trivia Quiz with wksht.pptx (22.3 MB)
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    Submitted by kusobaba November 29, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes.

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