ABC memory "Capital Letters" (E.S. grade 3)

It's a simple PowerPoint ABC memory game with capital letters, but the file can be edited.

It's pretty simple to use the file but to edit it and shuffle the cards around can be a little challenging, but it's possible.

How to play:

First open the presentation.
Students play rock, paper, scissors to decide who is going to start the game. Let's assume that Student 1 won.
Student 1 clicks on a square and a letter will appear: Example "A". Student 1 says "A". Then Student 1 clicks on another square and this time it's a "B". Student 1 says "B". Because they are not the same letter Student 1 clicks on the letters to flip them back.
Take turns.
Student 2 clicks on a square and a letter will appear: Example "E". Student 2 says "E". Student 2 clicks on another square and this time it's another "E". Student 2 says "E". Because Student 2 found both "Es" Student 2 gets 1 point for finding a set of "Es".
(Unfortunetly I don't know how to program the squares to disappear after finding a pair, so students have to remember how many pairs they found and leave them open while trying to find the other pairs)
Take turns until they find all the alphabet letters, plus 3 extra stars. (The stars have no particular meaning, I just put them there to fill up the extra squares. You can tell the students that they are extra points).

Details about the PowerPoint.
There are 3 slides.
Students can move to the next slide to start another game.
Each slide has a different color and is shuffled in different patterns.

Editing tips:

You can copy and past to add more slides and change the color of the squares, and move the squares around to shuffle them. (Obs: Under each square there is another square with a letter written on it, so if you want to change the place of the squares you should move both together, the one on the top and the one on the bottom) (You can also move them in groups but make sure that you are moving the top and bottom squares together or else the animation won't work properly).
You also can change the letters from Capitals to Lower Cases by moving the top square to the side and clicking on the letter that is written in the botton square. After changing the letter you can place the square that you moved to the side on top of the square with the letter.

If you have a lot of time and patience, you also could change the bottom squares with pictures, but that will require a lot of editing. Good luck to you if you want to try that.

Submitted by Aurelio Mizukami November 29, 2023 Estimated time: 20 to 25 min.
  1. Chinny December 5, 2023

    I think it is okay to leave the pair they find open

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