Board Games! (すごろく)

Bunch of Board games I've made this year that could be useful if you're in a pinch!

First of all i cannot take credit for the layout, that goes to user @shinjirarenai and their wonderful Days of the week Board Game! Ive just taken the format and made various board games to fit different topics. All of these were made for ES so probably not leveled up enough for JHS. I believe most of the boards are self explanatory for target language the students should use.

For the very basic boards, I just have the students say the word on the space.

For the more complex ones, there is target language that i expect the students to say in full. For example. The "How much is it" board game i have the group ask the player, "How much is it?" and the player answers with the food and price "The rice ball is 120 yen".

For all the じゃんけん spaces, please change ALT to your name! (Most students probably dont even know what an "ALT" is) and get your HRT involved in the fun! of course you can always just replace these spaces if you want with something else, they are there to spice up the game a bit.

Im also attaching a blank one if you want to make your own!

there are many ways to use these so be creative! Have fun! -Metapod

Small files
  • Blank board game template.docx (179 KB)
  • shapes Board Game 3rd grade.docx (315 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • fruit board game.docx (1.61 MB)
  • where is it from board game.docx (2.52 MB)
  • Christmas Board game.docx (2.36 MB)
  • Halloween Board Game.docx (1.61 MB)
  • How much is it? 5th grade boarxd game.docx (1.09 MB)
  • Past tense Board Game 6th grade.docx (1.51 MB)
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    Submitted by Metapod November 30, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 mins
    1. kiwiguy23 December 6, 2023

      Love it! Just one thing though, in the How much is it 5th Grade board game the Japanese 負けったら、should be written as 負けたら.

    2. Metapod December 7, 2023

      Yes it absolutely should! I knew i made that mistake ages ago when students were laughing when they read it. I had fixed it but forgot to change it in some earlier boards i made, ill fix and reupload those! Thank you

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