Dice sentence activity

Any tenses can be used. It is to practice forming sentences

Put three columns on the board, each with 6 things. They roll a die tree times and each time corresponds to a number. If they roll 3,2,3 then they would pick number three in the first column, number 2 in the seconds and number three in th tihrd. Column 1 is the Subject, column 2 is the verb, column 3 is the desired verb tense. For example:

  1. The cat 1. to run 1. Past perfect
  2. Your book 2. To laugh 2. past simple
  3. Santa Claus 3. to cook 3. past continuous

I ran this with a first year SHS but their level is very low so it would work with JHS too, or make it harder/just be a started activity if the level is higher.
After 10 mins or so I changed the words in the columns so they could practice with new ones.

I used it for past tense practice, but it works for anything so long as you keep the base "roll the die" structure.

Submitted by 73020918 January 29, 2024 Estimated time: 5 mins+

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