Super grammar Relay - New Crown 2 Review.

Super interactive grammar review activity for NC2. Students race to the back of the class, pick an incomplete sentence card, then race to the front to find the correct grammar card to complete it.

Instructions to ALT:

Please cut the keycards out (and laminate if you have the patience, but worth it) and then arrange in the order you like. There's 47 grammar sentences in this game. Split into rounds to make it more exciting. (24 in first round and 23 in second).
Lay the sentence keycards out in a matrix face down at the back.
And then lay them face UP at a desk at the front.
Check the students' answers.

To students:

  1. Students are divided into two teams. Each team competes to finish the challenge as fast as possible (tell them to be careful). ALT and JTE will man each team.
  2. Tell the students the number of cards you plan to use (I usually do the first 24 cards in the first round and then the last 23 cards in the second round).
  3. Explain the student order. I usually make the front row foyer side (Team 1) and window side (Team 2) go first, then when they are correct (JTE or ALT to confirm) the next student goes. You can decide the pattern but I make it so it goes like a snake pattern from back to front.
  4. Go until there is a winning team!

You can use this activity structure for any other grammar you would like to reinforce.

Have fun!

Submitted by morpheus February 2, 2024 Estimated time: 30-40 minutes

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