Indirect Speech Quiz and Scrambled Sentences

This is for One World 2 L8-2 Indirect Speech. The quiz is stolen from rflowers and the Sentences part is stolen from UonumaRobert.

This grammar is listed here on Altopedia as Indirect Question but it's really Indirect Speech according to my JTE. To be honest I don't know the difference. Please let me know in the comments if you do. Anyway the pattern is 人+ask/tell+人+WH+something, I can't explain it very well - hope that makes sense. The key sentence in One World 2 is "Kenta told me how difficult the test was."

The quiz is a complete rip off of the activity posted for Indirect Question practice - see link. I just changed it to fit this grammar. Same goes for the sentences activity - there's a difficult version and an easy one (the only difference is how scrambled the sentences are). The 'easy' version was plenty difficult for my students, I'd say go with that one unless your students are really good.

I did the short Powerpoint quiz first to introduce the grammar, teams all answer the questions on a whiteboard.

For the sentences activity print out and cut up the scrambled sentences, I made six copies so six groups could work through them in order.

Put the sentences on a spare desk and give out the blank worksheets.

The groups will then race to complete the sentences. One member grabs a scrambled sentence, all group members write the answer and translation on their worksheets and when all group members have finished the student who took the sentence goes to the teachers to get it checked. If it's OK then the next student in that group can get a different sentence, and so on.

Thanks to the original uploaders!

Submitted by kusobaba February 6, 2024 Estimated time: 50 minutes for both.

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