Ordering Ninja Hunt

Students try to guess the location of their partner's ninjas by ordering food and drink.

You can either use this on tablets or print out and use paper.
Make sure each student has a board and 2 colors.

  1. Hand out the boards and tell students to pick out the location of their 4 ninjas. One ninja = one square. Tell them to draw their ninja there.
  2. Review the grammar: Hello. What would you like? I'd like (food). What would you like to drink? (Drink) please.
  3. Explain that each square is an order. So the first square is where coffee and hamburger meet.
  4. Students janken for who goes first.
  5. The winner starts with hello and places their order.
  6. If it is a hit the student who was asked says "Here you are" If it is a miss the student who was asked says "Sorry, we're out."
  7. Keep going until someone loses all their ninjas.
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