Eigo Ito Card Game

This is a card game based on the Japanese game Ito. It involves ranking cards in order from smallest to largest based on different categories.

  • In Ito, every player receives a number card (1-100) that they keep secret.
  • Every round, a theme card is drawn from the pile and placed in the centre of the table.
  • These themes are expressed as a spectrum. For example, 1 being the cheapest thing and 100 being the most expensive thing.
  • The players will then take it in turns to say an object based on their number, with the goal of ordering the cards from smallest to largest.
  • In the above example, if a player had number 5 they might say 'a coffee' and another player with number 90 might say 'a private jet'.
  • After each player has said their answer, the group discuss how they think the cards should order based on the answers of the players.
  • Once ordered (face down), the cards are revealed to see whether the group has accurately ordered the cards from smallest to largest.
  • I usually play this as a team activity however the game could be changed to be more competitive.

  • This activity can be used to practise using comparatives (e.g. 'A private jet is more expensive than a coffee.')


Submitted by aidanpash February 7, 2024 Estimated time: 10-40 mins (can be played for as long as you want)

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