Dating Lottery Game

This is made from New Horizons 2 page 115. It is about asking someone to an event.

Have the second slide printed and cut out. Put the slips into something that the students can pull from. First review the conversation.

A: Hello?
B: Hi (name). This is (name).
A: Oh hi (name), what's up?
B: Do you want to go to the (event) at (location)?
A: (Yes) I'd love to. (No) I'm sorry, I'm busy.

Place the students into groups and have them all draw slips. Make sure they do not show anyone.
Then put the first slide on the TV. Explain that they are trying to get a date to this event. The letter and number represent a location event. For example 2B is a baseball game at the park. Set a 3 minute timer and have the students go look for the person that has their same event.
The students janken. The winner is A and the loser is B. If it is not a match they move to the next person.
Once they find their match both students return to their group and sit down. At the end of the time, the number of students sitting down at their group is their number of points. They get one bonus point for having everyone.

Bocchi rules:
There are more slips than students in my classes so I have bocchi rules. Let the students know that they could be bocchi to increase tension. At the last minute of the game, open up bocchi sodan. This is where the teachers have the remaining slips and the students go to the teachers for the pair. However divide the slips between ALT and JTE. The students have to pick one to go to. If the teacher they went to does not have the slip they are looking for, they are stuck as bocchi. If they do have the slip they get double points.

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