Disney Typhoon (WH question words)

Basic Typhoon Quiz game with a Disney Theme.

While this is made for wh questions, it can be adapted to any grammar point very easily. In this version the students must answer in a wh question.

Split the class into teams and keep track of their points on the board.

A couple notes about the power point:
-It was made in an older version of power point, so if you click on the blocks on the question screen, they will not disappear when you return. I normally keep track of which has been chosen on the black board.
-All the points are explained on the first slide.
-If the students get the answer correct, click on the Disney block. This will take you to a screen with 6 more blocks. Have the students choose which block they want. This will take you to a point slide. It allows for the points to be more random.
-The tiebreaker block at the top is for if there is a tie at the end. If you click on it, you go directly to a point selection screen.

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    Submitted by bluebubbles February 16, 2024 Estimated time: 40 minutes

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