Price is Right *Amazon Japan Edition

Learning to say numbers in the 100's!

Hi All!

This game was a huge hit for my 5th grade elementary schoolers a couple months back. The week prior to the game we had been learning to pronounce numbers in the 100's. For example 555 = five hundred fifty five. This game is based on the American TV show and has similar rules.

Age Group:
5th grade elementary, but could be used as a time filler review for any grade above.

General Notes:
I'd review how to say numbers before playing the game.
All the prices in this PowerPoint are under 1,000 yen, so no teams should be guessing over that amount.
The prices are REALLY from Amazon. So some things may seem insane, and that's why there are screenshots of the webpage. My kids really enjoyed seeing the actual prices.

-Whiteboard for each team *with markers and erasers
-Blackboard or somewhere for teacher to keep score
-TV + HDMI + PowerPoint

How to Play:

1) Split the class into teams. I give each team a whiteboard to keep them honest.

2) Show the kids the example slide with the USB. (The USB is 700 yen but that will be revealed at the end).

3) The example slide shows 3 team white boards with their guesses of how much the USB is:

Ex Team 1 = 705 yen
Ex Team 2 = 600 yen
Ex Team 3 = 690 yen

Following the rules of the TV show, Team 1 overshot the actual price of the USB and so their guess was too high. Team 2 was too low compared to Team 3. Team 3 was the closest price without going OVER the actual price of the USB, so Team 3 wins the round and would get points.

4) I had my teams say the price they wrote on their whiteboards to practice speaking.

5) Click on the "# points" to go back to the category selection area! I have one of my teams choose a category and number to begin each round.

6) Keep the teams scores on your blackboard for all to marvel at their points hahaha

Keep playing until class ends or the game ends.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
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    Submitted by CarpenterBee March 13, 2024 Estimated time: 25-35 minutes
    1. Rilakkuman March 14, 2024

      Beautiful PPT

    2. Quiin_Hesta March 14, 2024

      My kids had great fun! Thank you!

    3. Ulysses March 18, 2024

      Very, very well done.

    4. biscuitface March 19, 2024

      Nice! Thank you for sharing.

    5. keii84 March 21, 2024

      My first graders loved it but some of the prices were crazy, like 434 yen for 1 Koala no march? I had to lie and say it's for 3.

    6. bellezm March 21, 2024

      Great job! I used this in a class of three and they seemed to enjoy themselves. I think it would be fun to play again with new items or categories.

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