Numbers over 10,000 minion game

A game to practice saying numbers over 10,000 with a minion theme.

I used the pi-gru template from My students wanted to say words over 10,000. basically you make teams and the kids have to pick a number secretly each time and them each team gets to say one of the big numbers. You click on the number they said and i give points. The slides also have a more detailed explanation and you can choose different ways to play. The numbers are pretty difficult so this game can be used for basically any grade above 5th. Its a bit boring with a small class until the end when you announce who won since I kept it a secret but I think it would be really fun with a bigger class. There are also empty slides you can add your own things to if you dont want to start with the blank template from the toolkit website.

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  • Pi-Gru.pptx (17.3 MB)
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    Submitted by maealyssa March 13, 2024 Estimated time: 20-45 min

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