Music Quiz - is it English?

10 popular(ish) songs, guess if it's English or not! Fun activity for end of semester/warm up.

Happy end of the school year, everyone!

I made this quiz at the end of first semester for 5th grade and ended up using it again as a final class activity for 6th grade, and it went down well with both so I thought I would share.

Students listen to a snippet of a song and guess whether it's English or not, they get a point if it's correct and they can also get a bonus point if they can guess the language if it's not English (between 2 options).

I played in 5th grade where every student played solo (my OTE made a worksheet for them to keep track of points) and in 6th they just played in teams with a whiteboard to write their answers/keep track of points. I think the teams version was easier to run, but its totally flexible! We gave a sticker as a prize to the winning team/student. I also think this could work as a warm up activity for JHS and maybe SHS students too.

Songs included:

Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City - Good Time (English)
Frozen - Let it Go (German version)
Luiz Fonzi - Despacito (Spanish)
Taylor Swift - Blank Space (English)
TWICE - Set Me Free (English version)
Maneskin - Zitti e Buoni (Italian)
FIFTY FIFTY - Cupid (Twin version - English)
O-Zone - Dragostea din tei (Romanian)
BTS - Permission to Dance (English)
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend (Japanese version)

I hope if you use the quiz your class enjoys it! I tried to include songs I thought my students were likely to recognise, but feel free to change any if you know there's songs your students enjoy :)

EDIT: Here's a google drive link, however it's removed the music and changed the font (I used Handwriting WeCan font) - I don't know how to put music in on Google Slides, unfortunately, but you could play the songs off youtube on another device, maybe?

Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • English Songs QUIZ.pptx (83.9 MB)
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    Submitted by charlotte March 19, 2024 Estimated time: 15 mins-ish
    1. Tina_1 March 22, 2024

      I love this idea and would love to have a look. Is there a link where I could access the file?

    2. charlotte March 22, 2024

      @Tina_1 I'll try and upload to Google Drive, but it's blocked at my school unfortunately :(

    3. Domdijock April 8, 2024

      When I try to access this file it tells me I need to request access. Can you make the document public? Thank you! :D

    4. charlotte April 8, 2024

      @Domdijock should be sorted now! Sorry, I thought I'd sorted the access out before I posted!

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