Romaji "Cheat Sheet" Posters

Cheat sheets to aid your students with romaji & other points.

So, I received the new ES New Horizons textbooks, and, after skimming through it, I initially thought that the romaji sheets were completely taken out of them. HOWEVER, after making these cheat sheets and taking a better look at the textbooks, I have come to the realization that the romaji sheet is now located in the back of the PICTURE DICTIONARY. 😂
(Very convenient since 6nen can use it too now.)

But, alas, I have already made these romaji sheets, haha.
Feel free to use my cheat sheets as posters for your classrooms or English boards.

I like to call the romaji sheets "cheat sheets" because students tend to giggle that the textbook gives them "cheat sheets" to look at when they aren't sure about something. It makes it easier for them to remember that they actually have the romaji sheet too, when you say "cheat sheet!!".

There's a poster with a colored version and a black and white version for you to print out for yourself or your classrooms, and then there's a B/W "binder" version for your students if your students have binders.

I've also included a summary of grammar points that my students have tended to have trouble with in the past into one page and plan to hand it to them as another "cheat sheet" for them to reference at a later time.

It includes:
- "shugo (subject - I, you, he, she ...)" & "gimonshi (question words - who, what, when, where, why)"
- How to write their name in English & what to look out for.
- Romaji to be careful of
- How to make ~ing words. --> Especially important imo, since the ES textbooks ask them to make/say them but doesn't explain how to form them at all.

Here is the google drive link with the files:

(For some reason ALTopedia isn't letting me reupload the corrected files onto this page.)

I hope this helps anyone!

Submitted by Judekichi April 3, 2024 Estimated time:
  1. amandamh April 4, 2024

    These look very good! But I think you may have accidentally forgotten to change the example words for ba/bi/bu/be/bo.

  2. Judekichi April 4, 2024

    @amandamh - You're right!!!! Thank you so much for pointing that out! I'll fix it and reupload later today!!

  3. samirro April 10, 2024

    Not sure if anyone else had this happen but when I printed out the binder version, it came out as A3 paper. I had no problem using the copier again to scale it down to A4 though. Love using them! Thank you

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