Am/is/are powerpoint game

A simple powerpoint game for going over the diffrences between am/is/are.

This is a simple PowerPoint game that is great for reviewing the differences between 'am,' 'is,' and 'are' using pronouns. The students will look at a picture and choose the correct "be" verb that corresponds with either 'you,' 'he,' 'she,' or 'I.' You can add more pictures for other pronouns like 'they' or 'we'.

Some students may become confused about which pronoun the image is trying to convey, but they usually grasp it fairly quickly. I tried it with special education students, and they seem to enjoy this quick warm-up activity.

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  • Am, Is, and are.pptx (7.91 MB)
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    Submitted by tdriebe June 7, 2024 Estimated time: 3~5 minutes
    1. ChetBorneo June 7, 2024

      Thank you for posting.

      Some points to consider.

      Mixing words in capital letters and lowercase letters isn't good. HE is SHE is.

      Some of the pictures to me felt ambiguous. "He is" is a pic of many fingers pointing at a man but the man is also pointing at himself.

      Hope this is helpful.

    2. tdriebe June 11, 2024

      Yes, thank you for giving me some advice! I will consider this for next time.

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