24 NHE6 U3 Writing Practice

Writing worksheet to go with U3 of the sixth grade New Horizon Elementary textbook.

Another self-explanatory writing practice worksheet! I dedicate a class period to this worksheet and the making of "My Weekend" card. I usually walk students through it step-by-step and explain the answers as we go.

① Students trace the sentences (the whole thing from start to finish). Point out the meaning of "with~." Give them about 2 minutes for tracing, then read the sentences with them and explain the meaning.
② Students use the pictures at the top to complete the sentences. They should trace the parts of the sentence that are already there. The pictures and sentences go in the same order so it's as easy as possible, but some kids may still struggle, so make sure you walk around and check how they're getting along. Give them around 2-3 minutes for this part, then explain the meaning of the sentences and what goes where. Neat writing is important here or some of the words may not fit!
③ Students write about their weekend. They can write notes about what they want to say in Japanese in the box at the top. If you can, try to collect these and check them before speeches so you can correct any mistakes or answer any questions.

When students make their My Weekend card, they can adhere it to the right side of the worksheet in the orange box.

You can display the PDF version of this worksheet on the monitor in the classroom and fill it in as you go to aid students visually.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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    Submitted by sbrshteacher July 10, 2024 Estimated time: 25 mins
    1. msbanana July 17, 2024

      Really grateful for sharing these practice writing worksheets! It is so easy to use and understand for the students.

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