What ... do you like? (Filler Game)

I got the template from Canva. I just changed the numbers into quesetions to get my desired goal/activity.

It's like the traditional snakes and ladders but I made use of arrows and ladders instead. It's a good activity to let the students practice saying "What ... do you like? I like ..." My 7th graders really enjoyed this game!

The rule is the same as the classic snakes and ladders game where they get to move from one box to the other.

In this game, I let the students play in pairs and janken who goes first instead of using a dice. The loser then ask the winner the question in the box for him/her to move forward. If they get to the box with ladders, they move forward/upwards to box where it leads. If they get the arrow down, they need to go down a few boxes away. The first one to get to the last box is the winner.

If you want to edit some questions, here is the Canva link to it:

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    Submitted by Charian July 10, 2024 Estimated time:
    1. Kieran Webb July 10, 2024

      Hi! I clicked through to the Canva link but the design is private. I've requested permission to see it!

    2. Monica_B July 11, 2024

      Same. I can't access the Canva link. You need to make it editable and viewable by everyone with the link in the settings of the document in Canva.

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