Practices the names of different countries, or teaches students about different countries.

  • Plan a Holiday

    Students select a country card and must research and write about that country.

  • Minecraft Diamond Quest💎⛏(Sentence Practice Game)

    A quick game that can be played as a warm up or end-of-class activity where the students play in teams in hopes of finding diamond by making sentences.

  • Vocab Lists for ES 4-6 Grade

    Vocabulary lists with meanings and pronunciation guides for Elementary School Grades 4-6

  • Weird Festivals 1&2

    Let's learn about the world!

  • Peru Jeopardy

    Were you born in Peru too? Well, it's your lucky day!

  • Memory Game

    5 Matching games

  • I want to~

    activities to practice I want to~

  • It is... for Americans... to... (It, for, to)

    A presentation about American school and life using (it, for, to) or (it, to). Comes with a worksheet/activity.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 1-3 Jeopardy Review Game

    Review vocabulary and sentences from Units 1-3 with this straightforward Jeopardy game.

  • Countries Jeopardy

    For unit 3 New Horizon 6 *best used with keynote, but I’ve converted it to PowerPoint as well. I haven’t tried it yet with PowerPoint though.

  • Word Searches for Junior Sunshine 5 & 6

    Word searches & writing practice based on the Junior Sunshine 5 & 6 textbooks.

  • My Original Country

    Just a fun extra activity creating your own country!

  • New Horizon 6 - Country Quiz

    A 3 Hint quiz that reviews the countries in the New Horizon 6 Chapter: "Let's go to Italy".

  • New Horizon 6 - Country Quiz (Smash 64 Edition)

    A game for the New Horizon 6 Chapter: "Let's go to Italy". A 3 hint quiz game with a Smash Bros. 64 theme. (If you think the game setting is too distracting I also plan to upload a version without it)

  • English noticeboard idea "Dream vacation"

    This noticeboard contains a quiz to help students find their dream holiday destination. You can use it to introduce places in your country and cultural landmarks.

  • NH6 Unit 3 Presentation Script and Preparation

    One worksheet for researching travel to a foreign country (Your Turn pp.24-25), and one script preparation worksheet (Enjoy Communication pp.26-27). Also included is a 5-slide sample presentation.

  • Holidays and Events around the World

    New Horizon Elementary 5 Unit 2 This is a presentation about holidays and events celebrated in different countries around the world.

  • Telepathy

    Students guess first row students' answers using telepathy!

  • Plan a Trip

    A lesson designed to get students familiar with geography and engage them with a fictional vacation.

  • Doraemon Sugoroku (4th grade)

    Doraemon-themed sugoroku game for reviewing what students have learned in 3rd and 4th grade. Requires dice.

  • English Board for May

    Sharing what I have on the ES English board for the month of May. There are Philippine-specific pages so please feel free to edit as needed.

  • Let's Try 1&2 U1 - Guess which country has _______

    Show pictures of around the world and kids guess where it was

  • Countries - Where do you want to go?

    Introduction of some countries

  • Let's Try 1 Unit 1 Country Greetings Bingo!

    Bingo game featuring the greetings of LT1 U1 countries.

  • New Horizon "Have you ____________?"

    New Crown "Have you ____________?" Have you ever ____? Bingo Game

  • School Lunches Around the World

    Let's Try 1 Unit 1

  • What country is this? Worksheet

    A writing practice worksheet for country names from the New Horizon picture dictionary

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 1 What's missing? (Country flags)

    Warm-up or review activity.

  • New Horizon Unit 1_ A visit to Singapore

    5 sets of google slides

  • Let's Try 1-World Greetings

    Matching Game

  • 50 States English Board Template

    A template that ALTs from the U.S. can use for introducing the 50 states

  • Country Riddles: Who am I?

    A worksheet where students guess which country is being described based on short riddles, word bank included.

  • 6nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points throughout Elementary School English lessons.

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Jeopardy

    End-of-term Jeopardy review

  • Battle for the States (U.S.A)

    Territory battle game! Featuring the United States of America. Let's which team takes the most states and controls the US!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Many Elementary School Crosswords

    Need a vocabulary worksheet right now? Want something to hand students when you have extra time? Give them a crossword!

  • Outline of Australia - Immigration

    Brief information about Australian history and immigration.

  • Do You Know Japan?

    A warmup activity for passive voice where students are given 3 hints and have to guess the prefecture

  • Ice Hockey Janken Board Game

    This is a short review activity played in pairs. It can be modified to fit many grammar points, for most (if not all) grades. Here are my versions for Unit 5 & 6 of the 5年生 Blue Sky textbook.

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Here We Go 5 (5th grade)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for 5th graders that go with the Here We Go! textbook series

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