Practices the names of different countries, or teaches students about different countries.

  • I want to go to... Typhoon Game

    this file consist in a the presentation of countries food, activities, culture, nature and monuments and a Typhoon Game that is played in Groups. preferably 2 or 3.

  • Country Conversation Cards

    36 different countries with two things you can do written on them to be used for conversation practice.

  • I want to go to... 3 Hint Quiz

    A 3 hint quiz designed for page 91 of New Horizon 1 Textbook (Unit 9 Mini Activity)

  • Magic Words (Inspired by: "Werewords")

    One student has a "magic word" that the other students must guess. They can only ask yes or no questions and the student with the magic word can't speak.

  • Passive Voice 3 Hint Country Quiz Worksheet

    I made this for my students to practice reading comprehension! This is geared toward 2nd year JHS students who need practice with passive form.

  • The Big Christmas PowerPoint

    Christmas Explanation PowerPoint with accompanying bingo and follow-up activity. Speaking points on each slide!

  • Christmas (Jeopardy)

    I make a lot of Jeopardy game and this version is the most requested version by the teachers. Enjoy!

  • English Quiz

    Students who raise their cards the fastest can answer two questions.

  • NH6 Unit 6 Partner Conversation Practice

    Geared specifically towards Unit 6 in the New Horizons 6 book. These are conversation cards to help practice some of the grammar by having the students search for their pair.

  • Christmas in the Philippines

    This is an introduction to Christmas in the Philippines using the passive voice.

  • Travel the World

    This activity introduces famous places and famous foods in countries.

  • World Cup 2022 Word Search

    Wordsearch with all 32 of the countries in the world cup 2022 football tournament

  • Country Interview Activity Worksheet

    (Here We Go 5, Unit 6) Students walk around the room and ask each other which country they'd like to visit and why, filling out the worksheet as they go along.

  • Country Quiz (Elementary)

    Country quiz practising verbs "to eat", "to ride", "to visit" and "to see".

  • Karuta English Listening Activity

    Listening game inspired by the Japanese card game, Karuta. Uses a graded reading telling a story about Greenland.

  • Are there~ Is there~ in my country?

    I divide the class in 6 groups. I`ll let them guess if there are any stores like Mcdonald`s, sushiro, etc. in my country (Philippines). You can change the quiz depends on what country are you from.

  • Picture Hint Country Game

    Uses countries from Unit 6 of Here We go 5. There are four hints per country, click to reveal each hint and then the name of the country.

  • UK & JP School Differences

    Students identify which sentences describe British schools, Japanese schools, neither, or both.

  • Pokemon Review Game for New Horizon 5 & 6

    A review game for New Horizon 5 & 6 covering vocabulary and target sentences from Unit 1 to 3.

  • New Horizon 6 Final Writing Worksheet

    This worksheet is a two-page document that's meant to be printed on both sides.

  • You can eat...It's...

    This is for the Unit 3 of New Horizon 6' lesson about food. More specifically, to practice the sentences, "You can eat..." & "It's (taste)."

  • I want to go to...You can see/visit

    A presentation about different countries and what they can visit or see there.

  • Where do you want to go?

    I used these PowerPoints to introduce landmarks from different countries instead of using flash cards.

  • We call~ A B .Sunshine (Program 3)

    A fun activity that u can use for a review or u can just have this as a quiz when you have spare time. This quiz is about anime characters name and ss will guess how do we say those names in English.

  • Must and mustn't (School Rules in Philippines)

    This is a true or false quiz about schools in my country (Philippines)

  • Let's Go to Italy - Countries Puzzle in Groups

    Mix-and-match puzzle about countries. Students work in small groups. Suits NH6 U3.

  • UK English Board (Jubilee) & Quiz

    Ties in with Jubilee theme, includes pop culture and sports.

  • NHâ‘¥ Unit 3 materials ("Let's go to Italy")

    Printout and digital materials for use with New Horizons 6 Unit 3, "Let's go to Italy". Includes examples of various countries.

  • "What do you Call it?"

    A quiz that makes students guess what various different items are called in different English -speaking countries.

  • Countries - Sleeping Panda

    This is a game about naming flags of different countries.

  • Where is Naruto? (Countries)

    Touch the flag to reveal if Naruto is there or not. Group by group, Students say "I want to go to ________" in order to choose. The group that gets the most guesses right wins.

  • NH2 U7 Passive Voice Intro

    Introducing New Horizon 2 Unit 7: World Heritage Sites and passive voice grammar.

  • Shark Attack!

    Hang Man-style game using words from New Horizons Picture Dictionary

  • Final quiz of the year!

    Final quiz inspo !

  • New Horizon 6 Unit 7 Over the Horizon

    Schools Around the World

  • Cities Around the World

    I used this lesson in my Special Needs class after the countries' lesson.

  • Link's Boomerang Bash

    Use a boomerang to smash vocabulary words for points in this phonics practice game!

  • Christmas 2021 (FOOD quiz and MUSIC quiz)

    Yum yum yum!

  • New Horizons G5 and 6 Matching PPT Game

    In groups, students choose to squares to try to collect points for their group by revealing matches.

  • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    A research-based race game.

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