New Horizon 2

Junior High School second-year.



  1. 4

    People were looking at the tyrannosaurus.

    Past Continuous
  2. 4

    There are many good restaurants in Fukui.

    There is/are
  3. 9

    I am going to visit Singapore next week.

    Future (going to)
  4. 10

    I will make a reservation.

    Future (will)
  5. 12

    I will show you the Merlion.

    Subject Verb Object Object
  6. 14

    People call it the Singapore Flyer.

    Subject Verb Object Object
  7. 17

    Trouble at the hotel

    Unlisted Grammar
  8. 23

    When I watch TV, I see many interesting dishes.

    When conjunction
  9. 24

    If you have time, we can go.

  10. 26

    I think that curry came to Japan from India.

    Declarative Content Clause
  11. 28

    I do not eat sushi because I do not like raw fish.

    Why and Because
  12. 30

    What restaurant do you recommend?

    Shopping and Dining
  13. 31

    Making a polite request

  14. 37

    We use computers to do many things.

    Infinitive (Adverbial)
  15. 38

    I am surprised to see this.

    Infinitive (general)
  16. 40

    We have various things to translate.

    Infinitive (Adjectival)
  17. 42

    It is important to use AI effectively.

    Infinitive (general)
  18. 48

    A Message to Myself in the Future

    New Horizon
  19. 52

    History of Clocks

    New Horizon
  20. 56

    Weather Report

  21. 59

    You have to speak English.

    Must/Have to
  22. 60

    You must come home early.

    Must/Have to
  23. 62

    I finished using the bathroom.

  24. 64

    Playing games was fun.

  25. 66

    Explain Japanese customs and manners

    Hometown or Country
  26. 73

    I know how to use these products.

    Indirect Question
  27. 74

    I can show you how to use these products.

    Indirect Question
  28. 76

    I am sure that these ideas help many people.

    Declarative Content Clause
  29. 78

    The father of Universal Design

    New Horizon
  30. 81

    Could you tell me how to get to Raffles Place Station?

  31. 85

    This movie is older than that one.

    Comparative (-er)
  32. 86

    This movie is more interesting than that one.

    Comparative (more + adjective)
  33. 86

    This movie is the most interesting this year.

    Superlative (most + adjective)
  34. 88

    I like animated movies the best of all.

    Superlative (-est)
  35. 90

    This movie is as popular as that one.

    Comparative (as ~ as)
  36. 93

    Shopping for a sweater

    Shopping and Dining
  37. 100

    A Glass of Milk

    New Horizon
  38. 107

    This place is selected as a World Heritage Site.

    Passive voice
  39. 108

    Are the mountains listed as a natural heritage site?

    Passive voice
  40. 110

    The city is visited by too many tourists.

    Passive voice
  41. 112

    Mt. Fuji can be seen from different angles.

    Passive voice
  42. 115

    Do you want to go with me?

  43. 118

    My Favorite Place in Our Town

    Hometown or Country

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