New Crown 2

Junior High School second-year.



  1. 6

    This month's books: Peter Rabbit and Sherlock Holmes

    New Crown
  2. 8

    If it is clear, we will play baseball.

  3. 8

    When my mother came home, I was watching TV.

    When conjunction
  4. 10

    I think that the book is interesting.

    Declarative Content Clause
  5. 12

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit

    New Crown
  6. 17

    Plans for Golden Week

    Future (going to)
  7. 22

    Koji wants to read the book.

    Infinitive (general)
  8. 24

    Tom went to the park to play baseball.

    Infinitive (Adverbial)
  9. 34

    It's fun for me to take pictures.

    Infinitive (It… for… to…)
  10. 40

    There is a big park in this town.

    There is/are
  11. 42

    I like playing soccer.

  12. 44

    Warka Water Project

    New Crown
  13. 47

    Introduce something from your hometown

    Hometown or Country
  14. 48

    The sign says you must not fish here.

    Must/Have to
  15. 52

    I will give him a wallet.

    Subject Verb Object Object
  16. 56


    New Crown
  17. 58

    Write an essay about the country you want to visit

  18. 61

    Well, I enjoyed it, but... Um...

    Conversation Skills
  19. 62

    We have to write an essay.

    Must/Have to
  20. 65

    Splash Italian

    Shopping and Dining
  21. 66

    A Pot of Poison

    New Crown
  22. 72

    The Amazon is the longest in South America.

    Superlative (-est)
  23. 72

    The Amazon is longer than the Shinano River.

    Comparative (-er)
  24. 74

    In our class, English is the most popular of all the subjects.

    Superlative (most + adjective)
  25. 74

    In our class, English is more popular than science.

    Comparative (more + adjective)
  26. 76

    My cat is as cute as yours.

    Comparative (as ~ as)
  27. 78

    Japanese Cultural Activities at the Party

    New Crown
  28. 83

    Why don't we go together?

  29. 84

    I'll show you how to play the Japanese drum.

    Indirect Question
  30. 88

    Make a plan for the school trip

    New Crown
  31. 92

    I have lived in this town for many years.

    Present Perfect Continuous
  32. 94

    Have you lived in this town for a long time?

    Present Perfect Continuous
  33. 96

    About Chinese Tea

    New Crown
  34. 101

    Shall I ask that station attendant for help?

  35. 102

    Could you speak louder, please?

  36. 106

    I have just finished lunch.

    Present Perfect
  37. 108

    Amy has visited Nara twice. Has Amy ever visited Nara?

    Present Perfect
  38. 110

    Rakugo Goes Overseas

    New Crown
  39. 112

    Interview a teacher

    New Crown
  40. 115

    I have an idea. (suggestions)

    Unlisted Grammar

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