One World 2

Junior High School first-year.



  1. 4

    We are going to ride down the Shimanami Kaido.

    Future (going to)
  2. 4

    There are so many islands in the sea.

    There is/are
  3. 6

    We have to get up early tomorrow.

    Must/Have to
  4. 10

    My father gave me this book.

    Subject Verb Object Object
  5. 12

    I hope that many blind people will be able to have guide dogs.

    Declarative Content Clause
  6. 14

    I'm sorry that I didn't write for some time.

    Declarative Content Clause
  7. 20

    We were making a cherry pie.

    Past Continuous
  8. 22

    When it happened, I was doing math homework in my room.

    When conjunction
  9. 24

    It is clean energy because it doesn't cause pollution.

    Why and Because
  10. 25

    If we can use fossil fuels less, it will be good for the earth.

  11. 29

    Giving directions in school

  12. 32

    I want to have green tea, please.

    Infinitive (general)
  13. 34

    Some African people use pots to carry water.

    Infinitive (Adverbial)
  14. 36

    I want something cold to drink.

    Infinitive (Adjectival)
  15. 40

    Talk about your dreams

    Dreams and The Future
  16. 42

    Six Amazing Things about Penguins

    One World
  17. 46

    I really enjoyed working there.

  18. 48

    Walking with kids sounds like fun!

  19. 50

    Kenta's mother told me that Kenta was sick in bed.

    Unlisted Grammar
  20. 55

    How to Celebrate Halloween

  21. 56

    Do you know how to make a jack o' lantern?

    Indirect Question
  22. 58

    It's interesting to learn the story of Halloween.

    Infinitive (It… for… to…)
  23. 60

    Bob taught me how to make a jack o'lantern.

    Unlisted Grammar
  24. 66

    The Great Buddha is taller than our school.

    Comparative (-er)
  25. 66

    Is this the tallest Great Buddha in Japan?

    Superlative (-est)
  26. 68

    Japanese castles are more interesting than Japanese food to me.

    Comparative (more + adjective)
  27. 68

    Himeji Castle is the most popular castle in Japan.

    Superlative (most + adjective)
  28. 70

    Kyoto is as popular as Nara.

    Comparative (as ~ as)
  29. 75

    Shopping for a shirt

    Shopping and Dining
  30. 78

    This card was printed in 1843.

    Passive voice
  31. 80

    Was this photo taken in Osaka?

    Passive voice
  32. 82

    Money Should Be Spent Wisely

    One World
  33. 86

    Talk about where you want to go

    Travel and Vacations
  34. 88

    What place do you want to visit?

    Travel and Vacations
  35. 90

    Stone Soup

    One World
  36. 96

    Do you know when he's coming?

    Indirect Question
  37. 98

    I can tell you how difficult it was.

    Indirect Question
  38. 100

    What an easy job!

    Unlisted Grammar
  39. 106

    The news made me happy.

    Subject Verb Object Complement
  40. 108

    I want you to play the piano.

    Infinitive (general)
  41. 110

    Bob helped me do my English homework.

    Unlisted Grammar
  42. 114

    Introduce Japanese culture

    Hometown or Country
  43. 118

    The Gift of Tezuka Osamu

    One World
  44. 124

    Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

    One World

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