Inai-Inai-Bah! Review for Let's Try

This is a review activity for kids studying let's Try Two

Submitted by UonumaRobert

November 6, 2020

Inspired: Days and Weather Practice for Sunshine One

Estimated time: Hopefully 5 to 10 minutes

UPDATED: evidently Dorameon is not on Friday's anymore.

So I recently did a review quiz game as part of my Halloween lesson and my students did okay but they clearly need a lot more review.

These I will use in the first five to ten minutes of classes going forward. I don't make groups. I just do it as a teacher lead class activity. The students can call out their answers or raise their hands and the teacher selects a student. I will use one quiz per lesson.

One the first slide you click forward until you've revealed all the vocabulary and the question and answer button. Then you quickly practice it.

After that you click on the black box to briefly show a picture. You can click on it multiple times if they students ask.

Ask the students what the answer is. Then click the answer button to check.

If you click on the picture you go to the next screen or you can just click forward.

For Lesson Two and Three there is a second part that can be done in the same lesson or the next lesson. In this case you click on the picture to reveal a second picture. Two move forward click forward or click on the second picture.

For Lesson Four there is a black circle (It hides the clock) and the box which hides the time of day. They are answers A and B respectively.

For Lesson Five you can practice the numbers first before going onto the first question.

You can use this link to see a presentation that can help with editing my activities and making your own.

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