Comparative Quiz!

A team game where the students choose which of two answers they believe to be true.

Submitted by sophieinniigata

December 14, 2020

Estimated time: 45 minutes

I use this PowerPoint as a review/confirmation of what the students have learnt during the comparative and superlative ~er/~est unit in 2nd Grade JHS.

Before you play
-Put students into 6 groups, have them move their desks, and name them groups 1~6.
-Give each group a white board, white board marker, and white board eraser.
-Draw a chart on the black board to keep track of their points.

How to play
-Read the question on the slide, then show the students the two possible answers.
-Give them 10-30 seconds to discuss which they think is the correct answer and have them write their choice on their white board.
-When their time is up, say "3, 2, 1, show me!" and get them to lift their boards up a the same time (to prevent cheating)
-If they've written the correct answer, their team gets a point. The team with the most points wins!

If they aren't great at writing, or you're pressed for time, you could ask them to write "A" or "B" instead of the whole of their chosen answer.

Questions include things like;
-"Which is taller? Mt. Fuji or Mt. Cook?"
-"Which is newer? Tokyo Tower or Tsutenkaku Tower?"
-"Which lives longer? Horses or Chickens?"

There's also a couple of open-ended questions at the end such as;
-"What's the smallest prefecture in Japan?"
-"What's the largest animal in the world?"

Have fun!

  • noelle July 1, 2021

    This quiz worked out great! The students were surprised by a lot of the facts in the presentation too. Thank you for making it!

  • APG1205 February 2, 2022

    Simple. Easy to understand and informative. I used this activity to introduce the grammar to my students. They love it. I used it just as explained and it became a hit. The JTEs loved it too. Thanks for sharing.

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