Minecraft English Board Game

A fun interactive game for your next English board.

Submitted by Markteacher89

January 8, 2021

Estimated time: A 4 player game takes roughly 15-20 minutes to complete.

The following document is a collection of various materials meant to be printed, laminated, cut out, and stuck/pinned to the wall of an English board in order to create a fun interactive game for students to practice their English skills.

This game was originally designed to assist JHS students with learning English. However, it’s been designed in such a way that it can easily be altered to suit a vast range of subjects and skill levels.

Please add your own questions to the game.

There are two versions of the game contained within the document. Please read the instructions carefully and print the one you wish to use.

  • MineCraft Upload.docx (21.7 MB)
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    1. anjera April 9, 2021

      Thank you so much for making this! I used all the materials to make this into an A3 sized sugoroku board. It was huge hit with my classes and I used it for 5th, 6th, and JHS. Everyone loves Minecraft!

    2. jiggswalsh June 15, 2022

      I think sticky magnets would be great for this, then you can stick it on the blackboard in class.

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