Ship Wrecked What Are You Going to Bring?

A writing and speaking activity where students work in pairs to decide what they will bring after being stranded on an island.

This activity is a pair work activity. Start out by giving each student a worksheet and explain that they were on a ship when suddenly it crashed. They are stranded on an island and only have time to grab three things each. They must find food and decide how they will escape the island. Explain that anything in the picture can be eaten but they need the right tools for the food. Like a way to kill the animal or cook the food.

The pair should work together with their items and try to survive. Make sure to go over vocabulary with them first so they know what everything is.

Once they have had enough time to finish the worksheet ask the class on a whole who brought what. For example ask a random group "are your bringing a flashlight?". The students can come up with some interesting answers so it is fun to share them with the class. One of my groups decided to bring the guitar and whistle so they could play music instead of escaping.

Submitted by GemAmo May 31, 2021 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes
  1. UonumaRobert May 31, 2021

    I like this one for 'infinitive' as well.
    'I'm going to bring a flash to see at night'

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