Present perfect SUPER drill

Getting students to use the targeted grammar

This is a super drill. There are 3.
The primary goal of these drills have been to expand students knowledge and to invite their creativity. By drill 3, they were writing far more complex and creative sentences!

Students complete the 4 steps.
Please give them 1-2 minutes for thinking/writing time.
Step 2: Students always practice the questions after me and as a class we check the meaning.
Step 4 - I will give them 5-7 minutes

You and your OTE must work together for the dictation and 〇 or ✖ quiz. <- When we check answers, I would interview the OTE and then the OTE would interview me (for drill 2).
I check answers in between each step

Can be altered for present perfect continuous

Submitted by nachonaz June 22, 2021 Estimated time: 25-30 minutes

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