Animal Crossing Animal Quiz

Use animal sounds and villagers to go over animal vocab

Submitted by Lucasmh

November 19, 2021

Inspired: Animal Crossing "What's This?"

Estimated time: 10min

-Click the Villager to hear an animal sound and see if the students know what it is. Click the screen to get an animal villager to pop out and click again to get the name and a picture of the real thing

-Repeat until done. Each round gets harder with more unique sounds

-Best played after going over vocabulary or discussing the phrase "What's this?"

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  • Animal Crossing Animal Quiz.pptx (55.5 MB)
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    1. UonumaRobert November 19, 2021

      Very nice. I think you can also tag it to the copula verb. 'It sounds like a lion'. Good for second year junior high grammar.

    2. Lucasmh November 19, 2021

      done and done

    3. nachonaz November 19, 2021

      Amazing PowerPoint!

    4. Nordmagie November 19, 2021

      Really fun, but did you know that your rabbit and panda have the same sound? Idem for the bird and frog... Not sure what happened.

    5. Lucasmh November 22, 2021

      Thanks for looking out. The audio files got mixed up in the final edits. All fixed now

    6. wyxhime November 25, 2021


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