Animal Crossing "What's This?"

3 hint quiz game to reveal animal crossing villagers. For 小3年生!

Let's Try "What's This?" Quiz.

Now, you might be thinking that you have seen this before! Aaand you are correct. I nabbed the idea off Lucas. His version includes sounds and animations. However, I am stuck with an ALT laptop that boards the struggle bus whenever "complex" PowerPoint features are used. Gomen, Lucas. This is my first resource and I don't know how to tag you!

This one is just a three hint quiz to guess which animal it is with simple transitions. Students were all pretty good at it! They struggled with "like" meaning similar and didn't know the words for "hippo" or "hedgehog", but I will let the little guys off.

At the end, students had the opportunity to make their own 3 hint quiz and presented them to the class. They mostly identified colour, size, whether it was a pet, cute etc. They should have just studied shapes so make sure they include some shapes in their hints! I made a handout with lots of pictures of animals on but I have lost the digital version, ahhhhh.

I also (which I have removed from this slide) made "Who's This?" slides, which had me and the Year 3 teachers on as custom villagers, and it said 3 things about what we liked. You can find these generators online. I can't link it at the moment because it's blocked in my school (darn these ALT laptops!).


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  • Let's Try 1 Unit 8 - Animal Crossing What's This.pptx (17.9 MB)
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    Submitted by KobeALT March 1, 2022 Estimated time: 45 minutes
    1. Lucasmh March 2, 2022

      My games are meant to be adapted and used. I understand the struggle of using an ALT laptop, those things might as well run on coal. I like how you simplified it and got the point across anyway. The make your own quiz aspect is especially nice. Good stuff

    2. CheyLinn April 28, 2022

      My students loved your activity. Thank you very much!

    3. kirbystar May 31, 2022

      Thank you so much for posting this Emma! I have used it for 1st graders in JHS and made a couple adjustments for my lesson :)

    4. ALTresource February 6, 2024

      Super cute!

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