Christmas Board Game

Give and receive presents as you race to the goal. Each present adds to your score.

Submitted by badartist

December 14, 2021

Inspired: Animal Crossing Sugoroku!

Estimated time: 30~40 minutes

I wanted to make a ”sugoroku" board game that is perhaps a bit more involved than simply rolling the dice until you reach the finish line. You'll need to prepare two sets of cards per group, so make time to get cuttin'.

The PowerPoint file below includes B4 print sizes of:
1 board game sheet (consider printing in A3 for bigger groups)
28 present cards
28 chance cards

Students will be collecting present cards on their way to Santa. Each present is worth 1 point, with bonus points awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd students to reach the goal (3 points, 2 points, and 1 point respectively). Each group should contain no more than 6 students, unless you want to make extra present cards per group to make sure they don't run out. Give each group a board game sheet, a deck of present cards, a deck of chance cards (face down), and a die. Each student should start out with 2 presents at the start of the game.

Then, take turns rolling the dice and advance towards the Finish! Mind the special spaces on the board.
GET present spaces let the student who landed there draw a present card from the deck. If you land on a CARD space, draw a card from the Chance Card deck and follow its instructions. These will have all sorts of shenanigans, like stealing a present from another player, switching spots on the board with someone else, etc. LOSE present spaces mean you have to toss one of your present cards back into the present deck. Then Go Forward/Go Back, you know how to play board games.

If they land on a space with a question on it, they should answer it in English. I was thinking you could also explain before they play that if they DON'T answer the question, they can get penalized by losing a present. That way maybe the students will hold each other accountable. After everyone reaches the goal, they will count how many points (presents) they got and determine the winner.

It should be pretty straight-forward and potentially chaotic, but hopefully a fun way to finish the year before winter break. Make sure to show some example Chance cards and explain them to the students before you play.

Try to print the Chance cards on thicker/colored paper so you can't see through the back. I also included a back side to the cards in the file, but they aren't necessary and it's a pain to get them to line up right.

Files below include the main game for junior high (around 2nd/3rd grade) that has questions on the board and chance cards that have them getting and giving presents to each other.

The easy version (for my JHS 1st graders) has no questions on the board, but has much more active cards that have them answering questions, asking the teacher questions, drawing pictures on the board, performing actions, playing janken, and so on.

The ES version is similar to the previous one, main difference is Japanese translations for the questions. Remove them if your students can read well. Intended for my 5th and 6th grade classes, but could definitely work for 3rd and 4th if you explain some of the cards.

The ES no presents version is the board game with no presents, only chance cards. Plays just like a normal sugoroku game, first one to the goal wins. Just monitor the class to make sure they are asking/answering the questions in English. :)

Sorry if it's a bit disorganized as I've been changing things on the fly. Change the board/cards to suit your students' level of class participation and English ability, and use English grammar they've learned recently and over the past semester. Have fun!

  1. UonumaRobert December 14, 2021

    Nice looking game board. When you’re demonstrating the game maybe say they must ask for a present in English when they land on a present square. Then the student next to them responds and gives them one from the deck.

  2. kmx2600 December 15, 2021

    Savior!! I was thinking of a Christmas game to teach for the last week of the year! thank you! :D

  3. badartist December 15, 2021

    Good idea, Robert. They should also use "Here you are", "Thank you" when giving/receiving from each other.

  4. Kebicchi December 16, 2021

    This is a great board game idea! It definitely makes the basic sugoroku game much more interesting. Thanks!

  5. badartist December 16, 2021

    @10moku Nothing happens on Santa spaces, they are there because some cards say "Move to the next Santa space" which allows them to jump ahead.

  6. Creag_Sapporo December 21, 2021

    I printed to 2 a3 sheets, laminated and connected them to make a super game with this. its so much fun. thanks for your hard work

  7. alexxusan December 22, 2021

    @badartist Thanks. This was such a brilliant activity. I edited it to suit my 3 nens & they absolutely loved it. It was just perfect, it being the last day before their winter holidays.

  8. FoolishQuadFire December 21, 2022

    Honestly this game is so amazing! My students at JHS for second and third grade loved it and got so loud and wild!

  9. janeenmp March 23, 2023

    My students and teachers loved this activity. It was the highlight of the semester. Watching students be silly and practice English was priceless :).

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