Zelda Write and Race

Template for a Zelda themed write and race game

Submitted by AvaWhiteRaven

December 22, 2021

Inspired by: The Legend of Zelda

Inspired by: Zelda (shoot, bomb or life)

Estimated time: 45 minutes

This was inspired by other activities on here and I used their templates and ideas to build off of.

I left the question areas blank in case you wish to fill in the relevant grammar for your lessons. Sometimes, I delete the boxes altogether especially when I want students to simply make their own original answers using the grammar. It makes the lesson go smoother and quicker while I check their work.

*Bombs are -1 point
*Swords are steal a point
*Hearts are +1 point

Without Questions on the Slide:
I also like to have them get into groups of 4-5, do a round of janken and whoever wins is the "leader". The group works together to fill out their worksheets and when everyone is finished writing, the leader can race to the front where I check the answer. They then head over to the tablet, open a chest, and write their team's points on the board. Then the team works on the next answers and the 2nd leader (clockwise) races to the front.

With Questions on the Slide:
Show the question to all the groups and allow them to fill in (or simply discuss) the answers. After a round of janken, the "leader" can stand up and present their answers to the class. Reveal the answer on the slide. Whichever teams are correct, can come to the front to choose a chest. Some students are eager to choose a chest while the others spend five minutes asking their teammates XD

I will be adding and editing this as I use it or find ways to make it smoother for the lesson.


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