New Year's Review Race and Speak

A flexable New Year's themed point get game.

Submitted by UonumaRobert

January 6, 2022

Inspired by: Say the Word

Estimated time: 25 to 30 minutes for 12 questions

UPDATED 1/7/2022

I made these way too difficult for 1st lesson back. Especially the 1st year questions for the 2nd and 3rd year classes. Not much for building confidence when the students struggled with them. I added more of the hints we added on the whiteboard when we did it in class. Should go better.

Just updated the 3rd year version as well. Question eleven was too difficult.

This is what I'll be using in many of my classes over the next week or so. If you spot any mistakes please let me know.

Works best on a tablet so students can click the shapes themselves and manage to points themselves. Can be done on a computer with one teacher checking answers then the other controlling the computer. Students can still write the points on the board themselves.


Pretty much the same as all my Race and Speak Activities. The students are put into groups, works best in groups of 3 to 5 students sitting together so they can help each other. They pick their order and take turns coming up to answer the questions. After each team has sent somebody to answer a question you do the answer check and move onto the next question with a new member answering it. If there is a worksheet I usually give them to the students but tell them not to write first. Come answer the question and then if they have time while waiting for other groups to finish they can write their answers.

How to use the game slides. At the top will be the question or the keywords or hint words. If you click on that banner once it will show a tiger. The tiger has the hyperlink to go to the next screen. Students come to either teacher and answer the question and then click on one of the new years items to get points for their team. They then record the points on the board and return to their group. Once every group has had a chance or a time limit is reached you can do an answer check and move onto the next question.


I generally do the demonstration screen before making groups.


Most of my classes start with a minute of small talk in pairs. The small talk screen will show a model question they can use to start their conversations. I only have this in the template to reduce the file sizes. You can add it if you like.


The template has an animated game over screen with music. I cut this from the other versions to reduce size. You can cut and paste it back on if you like. Click on game over to make the music stop. If you click on the tiger a different song plays.


Show two questions and have the students in their group ask each other and answer the questions for a few minutes.


After sharing information about themselves they can write about their friends or themselves.

3rd Year and 2nd Year Review Versions

These are for my classes studying with Sunshine Two and Three 2021. In these versions the screen has keywords and the students listen to me ask the question. In some cases there is a picture hint. In this case the tiger has been replaced with a picture. After asking the question click on the keywords banner to show the picture. The picture still has the hyperlink to the next screen. With the keywords the blanks need to be filled in and the red words need to be corrected.

1st Year Making Questions Version

For this version as above sometimes there is a picture hint you can click on the question banner to show. Also in this version the students see an incomplete question and complete answer. Their goal is to complete the question. This version is shorter to give more time for the second activity.

The students work in groups to make questions with the goal of getting a teacher to give that answer. The screen has a demonstration slide. If you click on the answer it shows a possible question. Demonstrate going to the JT to ask the question and if the teacher says the word click again to circle it on the sheet. Tell the students everybody in their group should circle that question and then they can move onto anther question.

2nd Year A Friendship Beyond Time and Borders plus Review Quiz

The game is the same as the 2nd the 3rd year review but shorter to give more time for the reading. The students will read the story they were assigned as homework and answer the questions. After their group answers one question they can have a teacher check it. If they finish half they can get a sticker. I didn't bother with a game because I find the kids struggle so much with the readings they don't need the distraction. Hopefully the questions are easy enough. Probably not though.

Small update: I added a bit of an example to show the students shouldn't over answer the questions.

Also note with 16 questions working in groups it would take a full lesson just to do this. In my classes they did the quiz game, got the explanation for the reading and questions then all groups managed to finish the first 5 questions. They continued in a later lesson without me.


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