Adjectives and Copula Verb (Looks)

Revision and introduction of basic adjectives and use of 'looks' when describing people/things. Based on unit 8-3 from the Here We Go! 1 textbook.

This lesson is designed to introduce and teach the use of the copula verb 'look(s)'. It starts with revision of adjectives as they need them to properly use the verb. Follow the flow of the slides and use the included worksheets.

Part 1: Adjectives
This should be revision for the majority of the adjectives. I show a picture first and have the students guess what adjective it is. There are 14 in total chosen from the textbook. You can change them to suit your own. I recommend keeping a list on the board as you go through them.

Part 2: Bingo
I give the students a bingo template to keep in their folders so we can jump into games more quickly. I only use one grid per lesson as it's mostly just a quick review. Choose 9 adjectives and write them in the squares. The bingo slide on the powerpoint will reveal an adjective one at a time. You decide what classifies as bingo (complete grid, 3-in-a-row, x-shape, etc)

Part 3: Copula verb
Introduce the grammar point 'looks'. Be as detailed as you want with your class. The first 3 slides are examples. For the following pics, I like to show them the picture first and have them come up with a sentence using the grammar. Good chance to show them when to use 'look' or 'looks'.

Part 4: Textbook scavenger hunt
This is based on the Here We Go textbook so you'll have to change it if you use a different textbook. Students search through the given pages to find a picture that matches the sentence.

Part 5: It looks like a challenge worksheet
Hand out worksheets. Every student should have one of the 6 boxes complete. Students talk to each other and share one sentence they know. As they collect sentences, they have more options to share. Should not take too long. An answers slide is included in the powerpoint.

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    Submitted by Chrial February 16, 2022 Estimated time: 40-50min
    1. eviemaire September 12, 2022

      Thanks for this!

    2. Maplesugar February 6, 2023

      Thanks, this was presented very clearly and helped my students get the idea of "looks" easily. My JTE was concerned the Ss would be confused by all caps so I changed that. I added a few slides with photos that could be interpreted in different ways, then let the students share their ideas in groups, then called on individuals.

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