Hinamatsuri Point Game

A race and speak activity loosely based on the Doll's Day Festival in March.

Well this is a bit late but I got distracted with other stuff. Still March though so I'll be using it for a few classes. Might be better for other teachers next year.

For the junior high version a couple of slides introduce the target language and then it goes onto the story slides to introduce the activity. The elementary shool versions goes right into the story.

Go through the story before you do it in class so you know when to click forward. I'll probably add more audio in future but for now I'm out of time.

The demonstration screen has the keywords and a picture on the side. If you click on the key words it will show an answer. When you click on a doll the screen goes black and then the points appear. This is a slower reveal than I usually prefer but I want this activity to have a very small jump-shock surprise.

Demonstrate a couple of the points before starting the game with the class. I believe if you click the queen the ghost cat appears. It is -3 points.

Make groups or play in rows. For the 'was / were' version I've prepared it will be done in groups since the target language is a little high so the kids will have to help each other. There is a worksheet with further hints for the sentences. With this type of activity I always tell the students to come up with their answer first and then after they get their points go back and write the answer on the worksheet. Writing on the worksheet is optional and mainly for students who don't like to waste class time. There are a lot of junior high students that think ALT time is a waste of time because it's just games. I try to include worksheets with activities like this so they feel there is more value to the time spent.

One member of a group will come up and give the answer to a teacher (if you are using a tablet both teachers are available to take answers, if you are using a computer one teacher takes the answer and then the students go to the other teacher who is running the computer to get points) and then go and click on one of the dolls on the tablet screen. They get their points, they write them on the board and return to their group. All groups should send a member to answer the first question. After all groups have answered the question and gotten points you can click on the key words for the hyperlink that goes to the answer slide that has an example answer. You and your teaching partner should check the answer with the class. Then continue to the next question with a new student from each group coming up.

For effect I will place the tablet directly in front of the projector screen. This way kids can click a doll and look up at the projector as the screen goes dark. This is meant to help create a small surprise if the ghost cat appears. For this reason if I think students are too nervous and yes even with such cute art some students will be too nervous, I will let those kids come up with a friend if they like.

If you are not using a tablet but instead it is one of the teachers controlling the computer this is still doable. Sit so the the computer is turned away from the students and have the student stand in front of the projector screen and point at the doll they chose and say 'This one please'. I thought about putting letters on each doll so students could just pick the doll from their desk but that isn't how I wanted this activity to play.

If your students aren't allowed to move around because of social distance rules or class policies I don't recommend this activity. Its not optimised for calling out answers from their desks.

After all the questions you come to the game over screen with a song playing. Tally up all the points on the board and then cheer the winners. After that I've included a non-optional writing section for junior high. I usually have them do this part solo and reward stickers if they get one or two done in the remaining time.

For elementary classes I'm using this for year end review and I've including talking time at the end if there is still some class time (unlikely). The students use the model conversations to have short talks with the students sitting near them.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 2. Doll's Festival Year End Review One World Smile Five 'elementary school'.pptx (13.2 MB)
  • 3. Doll's Festival Year End Revew One World Smile Six 'elementary school'.pptx (13 MB)
  • 4. Doll's Festival Game 'Present Perfect FOR & SINCE'.pptx (10.1 MB)
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