Map Exploring Game

A board game used to practice directions.

Submitted by Ringbearer852

March 24, 2022

Estimated time: 20-30 minutes

This is a game for practicing directions with Elementary or special needs students.


  1. Use some kind of token for each student playing the game and place it on the starting spot of the board. The tokens should face a specific direction. On the blocks with arrows, place some kind of reward to collect; it can be playing cards, marbles, etc.

  2. Determine the turn order by rock/paper/scissors or rolling a die.

  3. On their turn, each student rolls a die and follows the directions listed on the rule sheet. When the directions tell them to go straight, they continue going straight until the hit a stop sign.

  4. If the student stops next to an arrow, they can collect the item from that block.

  5. Keep playing until you reach a turn or time limit.

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