4 corners

A fun game to play with a big class.

(Optional) Give out work sheets
Stick 4 colored papers on each corners of the room with small stickers for the winners near it.
Give students enough time to fill out their papers.
Ask the students to hand their papers.
Move chairs if in the way and tell students to stand in the middle of the room.

Randomly pick a student's paper.
Call the student to come next to the teacher.
Students in the middle will guess which color (corner) the student in the next to the teacher will pick.

Give them 15 seconds to move to the corner.
After that tell the class to ask the student next to the teacher "What (category name) do you like?"
The student next to the teacher will say "I like (corner name)"
Students standing in the correct corner gets a little sticker from that corner to put on their name tags provided.
Students with the most stickers on their name tag is the winner.
Repeat process.
I usually do the same category 3 times then move on.

Provided here are materials, powerpoint slides, worksheets.

Small files
  • 4 corners mats.docx (55.7 KB)
  • name tags.docx (16.3 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Four Corners [DP].pptx (4.95 MB)
  • 4 corners work sheet.docx (2.23 MB)
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    Submitted by MaybePatrick April 14, 2022 Estimated time: 25-45 mins

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