Disney Guess Who

A Disney version of the popular board game Guess Who, which can be used to practice relative pronouns (Is it someone who...). Designed to be played on PCs, but can also be used as a worksheet.

This game follows the rules of the board game Guess Who. Students play in pairs on their PCs/ tablets. If there is an uneven number, the ALT or JTE can play with a student. This game can also be played as a class, divided into two teams with students taking turns answering for their team. On PC, the game is played in Powerpoint. I have also included a print only version for classes without PCs.

Rules of Guess Who

Students will make pairs and secretly choose a Disney character on their screen. Then, they take turns asking "Is it someone who has / is ~" to narrow down who their partner's character could be. They will continue taking turns asking questions until a student thinks they know who their partner chose. Then they can ask "Is your character NAME?". (Making a guess like this counts as a turn. They cannot ask a question and make a guess in the same turn.) If they are correct, the student that made the guess is the winner! If they are wrong, the pair can keep playing until someone guesses correctly.

How to use the Powerpoint

When a student asks a question, they can use their partner's answer to mark off any characters that don’t match that answer. Eg. If a student asks "Is it someone who has a pet?" and their partner says "No it isn't.", then they can mark off all characters with pets. To do this, they just need to click on the character’s picture (in presentation mode) and an "X" mark will appear.

The game works best if each student uses their own tablet (or worksheet), but it is also possible to share. On PC, clicking a character's picture multiple times will cycle through a yellow X mark, then a red and yellow X mark, then only red, then back to nothing. If a student clicks on a character by accident, they can reset in this way. If a student accidentally clicks through to the next slide, they should press the back arrow to return to the game. If a student closes presentation mode they will lose their progress, so make sure to tell them not to close and reopen presentation mode unless they want to start a new game.

The questions worksheet provides question scaffolding for the students. It is designed for first grade high school students, but can be easily adjusted to your students level. You will need to spend some time going through the vocabulary with the class, as they will likely be unfamiliar with some of the words, eg "blonde" instead of "yellow hair".


I have never experienced any issues with cheating, but with younger kids it could be helpful to have them write down the character they have chosen before starting, to discourage them from changing their character during the game.

This game is much easier for students to understand through demonstration. I'd recommend doing an example round with the JTE.

If you need to adhere to social distancing guidelines, you can play this game as a class instead. Just make two teams and have half of your class close their eyes while the other half chooses a character, and vice versa.

Please do not repost this activity to other resource-sharing websites.

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