Guess the Animal

This is an activity to practice Can/ Are/ Do you questions with 1st graders. Guess which animal the students have chosen by asking Are/ Can/ Do you questions.

Submitted by anantodam

May 6, 2022

Estimated time: 15- 20 mins

This activity is modelled off of Guess who?. Before we begin, I usually review the animal names to make sure the students can pronounce them properly/ know what they are in English. I also suggest you can practice the different questions they can ask. Such as " Can you fly?" or "Do you swim?".

When the activity begins, students must secretly choose their animal at the start of the game and put their name in the animal's box ( this is to prevent them changing their animal mid game). To prevent chaos, I start with the students sitting side by side as the first pairing. For each rotation, students of one row, move back a seat. Then I switch rows to opposite sides of the classroom so they have new faces to ask.

Students are allowed 3 chances to ask a Can or Do question. The student on the receiving end must answer correctly in the affirmative or negative with the correct Yes, I Can/ Yes, I do/ No, I can't/ No, I don't response. At the end of the 3 questions the asker must ask directly " Are you a/an (animal)" . Students respond either Yes, I am/ No, I'm not.

If they guessed correctly the student must get their score card signed before switching roles.

How many rotations you do is up to you, depending on how much time you would like to use in class.


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