What/How/Are you? Electric Boogaloo

A short and fun interview activity where students ask set questions to guess which character each of their classmates is.

Submitted by GaeilgeAmee

June 1, 2022

Estimated time: 15-25 minutes (Depending on class size)

(No I don't know what's going on with the name of this activity and no I will not be changing it. It's mid-term season...I'm tired -_-)

This activity is actually based on the format of a smaller, in textbook activity from New Horizon 3 page 25.

In short, each student is given a card with their name, how they come to school and what they have for breakfast.

Students are also each given a tally sheet where they can fill in which classmate is which character as they talk to their peers.

I start by reviewing the questions "How do you come to school?" and "What do you have for breakfast?" and I drill the question and answer forms on the board.

Note: For some lower level students, it is necessary to pay special attention to the phrase "I walk to school" and how it is different from "by bike, by car etc.)

The rest of the activity is simple, student's mingle and ask their classmates the questions to find out who is who.

  1. How do you come to school?
  2. What do you have for breakfast?
  3. Are you ... ?

Students must answer in full sentences and I usually have them race to be the first person to fill out their entire sheet.

  1. HTemple June 2, 2022

    As an alternative to "I walk to school", it may be easier to use "on foot". Though, I think either would work equally well.

  2. GaeilgeAmee June 2, 2022

    Thanks for the feedback! I agree that that sentence is easier for them, but I've been trying to work under the guise of what I would say if asked the question myself. Though that could be a regional or even personal thing. But it's a sentence my Co-teacher wants them to practice. But I definitely agree it's a much easier sentence for them!

  3. UonumaRobert June 2, 2022

    If your partner wants to stick to the 'by' pattern you could go with 'by walking'. Its correct and better than 'by foot'. But if your partner is cool I think 'I walk to school' sounds more natural to me too. It's probably how I'd answer the question. That or 'On foot'.

  4. GaeilgeAmee June 2, 2022

    Yeah my original reply probably wasn't very clear. She wants them to practice "I walk to school" cause it's the more natural of the options. Cause even though "on foot" is correct, I don't think it would be common to hear it as an answer to "How to you come to school" in everyday conversation

  5. slmpks June 7, 2022

    Great activity! I am going to use it for a class this afternoon. It might be worth changing the 'X' to a 'O' on the tally sheet. It's a tiny thing, but my JTE was really confused after I had just printed out and made all the copies of the worksheet, as they thought the 'X' meant incorrect. My JTE was also quite fussy on using 'on foot' instead of the more commonly used 'by walking'. I am looking forward to using this activity across my different schools! Thanks again.

  6. GaeilgeAmee June 8, 2022

    Oh that's a very good point! Thank you for reminding me. That's something I'll probably do. And yEah I think that aspect really does differ depending on the JTE. Really glad that you like the activity!!

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