"People Watching" and poster

students practice "looks" for appearances and make a poster following New Horizon 1 textbook activity

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June 7, 2022

Estimated time: 20 minutes

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  • New Horizon 1 page 92
  • I created this activity for a specific need my JTE had last year for JHS 1st grade classes. They were using New Horizon 1 and she wanted an activity to take the last half of class to give students a chance to both practice using "looks" for appearances while also doing the poster activity on pg. 93.

    The first part of the presentation gives many people and says they "look sad", "look happy", etc. Then students have a chance to talk with their neighbors about what they think the reasons are. Students got a kick out of this because a lot of students had funny reasons.

    The last part of the activity is the pg. 93 poster that uses imperatives and "makes". I gave a poster example highlighting the 3 parts of a good poster:
    (1) title with capitalization, (2) main part giving the reason and using "makes", (3) illustrations/visuals

    At my school, students all have their own tablets so it was easy for them to make a quick poster from an empty slide and to share it with me instantly. We displayed volunteers on the screen.

    I hope this specific activity can be helpful!

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  • NH1 - unit 9 - People Watching and Poster.pptx (1.83 MB)
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