ZOMBIE ATTACK powerpoint Game

This is a colorful powerpoint game along with a sign game and some follow up writing I often use with it.


I haven't updated or used this activity in awhile. If you are going to use it you should take a good look first for dated cultural references and stuff that doesn't suit the new teacher strategies. If nothing else I hope these older materials will give you some ideas for your own materials.

NOTE: this is heavy with animated gifs which can cause trouble if you're using an older machine or a tablet. My Halloween Quizzes have a version of this that doesn't use animated gifs. You can find them on this site.

Step One

The Sign Game

The students have their worksheets and you can show them round one on the TV monitor. For the 'Why and Because' version the students check which reason they like the singer. Then demonstrate with the JTE making a pair and having the short dialogue. Greet each other and then do rock, scissors, paper. The winner will ask the question 'Why do you like this singer?' and the loser with answer 'Because....' If the winner also picked the same reason they say 'I think so too' and then they both sign each others paper. If the winner picked a difference answer say 'that's nice' and then 'bye' and don't sign each other's papers. After they collect three signs they should sit down or come to the teacher for a stamp. Once a few students are done continue to the second round. The second round has missing words on the worksheet so the students must fill them in before continuing. There are four rounds although it is not necessary to do all of them.


This version is a matching game. It is played in groups. Their worksheets have a number of 'Because' replies and they will try to match the one that suits the question on the screen.

The first screen sets up the story of the game. Opens with shibuya on a beautiful day, then a zombie shows up, the text talks about heroes and finally it goes to the cat. Todays game is cat's vs. zombies.

Then move onto the example screen. There is a zombie on the screen. The first click will show picotaro. Tell the students the zombies are hungry and want to eat him. They need to protect him. Then next click shows the sample question. Then the next click shows three sample answers. Another click checks the right answer and the next shows the answer written under the question. Then tell the students they pick one of the numbers. As an example pick '1' and see the zombie get missed. Their team gets one point if they miss. Then click '2' and the zombie gets hit. The team gets 2 points if they hit. While waiting for other teams to finish they can make up a second reason if they can think of one getting a bonus point for their team. For the bonus point they don't attack a zombie. Only do the bonus points in classes where certain groups really take a long time. Each team attacks zombies once.

Go to the first screen. Once the curtain goes up and the zombies arrive you control the flow by clicking the yellow button the the left side. First it will make the victim appear. They will try to protect that person. Next click shows the question. At this point click on the numbers as groups come with their answers. If all the zombies are destroyed once all the groups are finished click on yellow again to get the victory song and then one more time for the answer check. Then go to the next screen.

If all the groups are finished but there are still some zombies I bring up the bonus questions. In a small class with only six groups this is always necessary. Ask a bonus question and any student can raise their hand to answer it. If they are correct they can pick a number. Do bonus questions until all the zombies are destroyed or the remaining number of zombies matches the remaining number on the screen. If that happens then the class was defeated that round. Rather than clicking on the yellow button on the left click on the red button on the right. The first click will bring up the answer, the second will bring the boss zombie to take out the defender and a third click will bring you to the next screen.

Finally there is a writing sheet. They can work in groups or on their own to answer the questions on the writing sheet.

You can use this link to see a presentation that can help with editing my activities and making your own.

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