Shuffle Game

You can do this activity on any topics that you want. This is my to-go game hahaha! I give the students a shuffled sentence and I let them arrange it in order. Enjoy!

Submitted by Kirstine Ann

July 5, 2022

Estimated time: approx. 45 minutes

I divide the class into 6 groups. You have to provide a pen, eraser and a whiteboard.
First I show them the shuffled sentence and I let them arrange it and write the corresponding numbers.
First group to answer gets 2 points and the rest will get 1 point if they can answer within a minute.
I let the JTE write the scores for me.

After each shuffled sentence, I`ll tell the students about the bonus word, the word is written from the shuffled sentence. Some students guess the word ahead of time and write the word immediately before I show them the bonus shuffle word. hahahaha genius! Usually, those groups who make that strategy wins the game coz its another 2 points for the fastest group to answer! hahahaha genius!

Had fun doing this game for 2 years now and it doesn't fail me. I hope you'll have fun too.

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    1. vin_04 July 5, 2022

      Very nice!

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