Sugoroku Board Games ES 4,5,6

4 Sugoroku boards for Jobs, Foods, Ingredients, and Daily Routines.

Submitted by SourK

July 21, 2022

Estimated time: 10m

I was looking for the original maker of this Sugoroku template, but wasn't able to find them. I believe that original template was for Countries. I liked that format so copied it and made a few different versions. Please let me know who to give credit to if you can!

I made a few other versions of the Sugoroku board for Jobs, Foods (New Horizons Elementary (New Horizons
Elementary Grade 5 Unit 6) , Ingredients (New Horizons Elementary Grade 6 Unit 6), and Daily Routines (Let's Try Grade 4 Unit 4/New Horizons Elementary Grade 5 Unit 8).

I believe this instruction was given on the original Sugoroku post, but I have found the best and most fun way to play this game is for students to say the name of the square they want to go to BEFORE they roll, and if they roll a number less than the number of squares, they have to stay where they are for that turn. (ex: on the jobs sugoroku board, if I say "baker", I need to roll a 4 or higher to move to that square. If I roll below a 4, I can't go). Gets students practicing speaking a bit, and gambling is always fun!

I have found keeping the game short (around 10m) has been best for me. Usually play in groups of 3 or 4. Printed out boards on A3 paper and laminated them.

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  • New Horizons Sugoroku.docx (4.85 MB)
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    1. bigbonkura July 27, 2022

      Beautiful game boards, and thank you for formatting them as A3. I can see these being useful for practicing a lot of different language patterns!

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