He/She His/Her Character

Student practice using the pronouns He/She and His/Her along with simple adjectives to draw a randomised character.

This activity practices the pronouns He/She and His/Hers.
The powerpoint ahs a few examples you can discuss as a class. The students recognised the correct adjective to use. Feel free to erase the Japanese prompts if you don't need them.

For the character creating activity. Students roll a dice to determine their characters pronoun and a few descriptions of their appearence (Eg. He is tall. His hair is crazy. He is good at cooking.). You can decide if rolling a '6' is a reroll or free choice for that row. The students then draw their character, give it a name and write the five simple sentences to describe their character.

The demonstration slide for the activity is rigged to give the following result:
Pronoun - He/His "He is smart. He hair is crazy. He is good at music. His face is sleepy. He likes Disney."
Just fake your dice rolls and pretend to draw each piece on the screen. I practice each possible outcome with the class before making my roll to make sure they understand the adjective.

If you have a brave class, you can share drawings or have students present. Feel free to tweek this activity whatever way you see fit.

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    Submitted by Chrial August 30, 2022 Estimated time: 30-40min

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