Alphabet Action Song

Singing the alphabet song with simple actions.

Students will sing the alphabet song and each time after the first, we’ll add circles to it in different colors on the chalkboard. Call out student volunteers to come forward and circle some letters (3 or 4 letters each time). Introduce actions such as "clap your hands" and tell the class that we'll be adding some actions into the song. After that, the class can then decide what actions to add to the alphabets with circles added to them. The class then sings the song while performing the actions.


Round 1, first student comes forward, pick a color (for instance, red) circles 3 or 4 letters.
Now we decide, we can either "Clap your hands" or "Flap your arms" (like a bird)
The class decides on "Clap your hands".
Plays ABC song the words circled in red are performed with "Clap your hands".

Round 2, another student comes forward, circles another series of 3 or 4 letters. (for instance, green)
Now, let them choose between another pair of actions "Stomp your feet" or "Jump"
The class decides on "Stomp your feet".
Plays ABC song the words circled in green are performed with "Stomp your feet".

Repeat for further rounds.

Actions include: Clap your hands, Stomp your feet, Jump, Spin around, Flap your arms, Do a squat.

Items needed: Let’s Try 1 digital textbook for the ABC song, Chalk and blackboard or Whiteboard with markers. Laminated illustrations of actions are optional.

School level: For lower primary/elementary levels particularly 3rd year students.

Submitted by Karizaki_George October 5, 2022 Estimated time: 8 to 12 minutes

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