The Halloween Scene

A Halloween-style Busy Scene poster using the Relative Pronoun.

Another iteration on the Busy Scene posters of rebvandev / UonumaRobert / ohnoko, now in Halloween flavour. I plan to perform the activity for 3nen Relative Pronoun using rebvandev's worksheet method, having both the scene up on the classroom TV and giving laminated copies to the groups. Almost every image in the scene is from Irasutoya, or simple powerpoint shapes. Of course, you could use this for any grammar point you like - edit it, as I have edited it from the teachings of the wise sages before me!

EDIT: Ken and Kate were accidentally swapped in the original Word document. I've now uploaded the fixed version!

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    Submitted by NHall October 9, 2022 Estimated time: c.35min
    Inspired Christmas Scene
    1. NHall October 11, 2022

      Part 2 is the lower half of the sheet - you fold it in half! Check Rebvandev's "What is ~~ doing? Worksheet for "Park Life"" entry for better instructions on how it all works, it should be linked on the left side of this page.

    2. jintapatchi09 October 24, 2022

      Excellent. Easy to understand for me and the students. thanks heaps.

    3. CrayonNickChan October 27, 2022

      Good activity, I changed it to reflect relative pronoun.
      I noticed a couple of oversights you might want to check before using.

      In part 1, Mr. Oda is eating ramen. In the picture hes eating gyudon (beef bowl) My students pointed this out haha.

      In part 2, Example 1 and 2 are mixed up. Example 1 should be Who is Kate. She is the girl... and 2. Who is the boy.... Hes Ken.

    4. rtdoctrine99alt October 16, 2023

      Hello, This is awesome. Where do you get the pictures you use for the ppt?

    5. Brittanica October 19, 2023

      This is great! to make it a little more challenging, I split the part 1 hints onto two different worksheets and had my kids ask each other "who is _" "_ is _____________" to find the ones they don't have hints for.

    6. KorokCoffee October 25, 2023

      @rtdoctrine99alt The pictures are from Irasutoya!!

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