Zombie Challenge

Zombie game with a powerpoint

Same as Englipedia and nickteacher's games, the only difference is the addition of the trump cards.

I like to have zombies try to collect as many "alive" student's cards as possible. So it gives them more incentive to move around. I also found that my student's ran from the zombies so making it clear that you should NOT run or reveal to the others, who is a zombie was essential.

While I did have the main 3 zombies, the "children" zombies were also allowed to collect lives. I thinks it makes it more competitive.

Hopefully, the attatched slide helps explain the game to the children and have a merry scary Halloween!

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  • Zombie Challenge.pptx (22.5 MB)
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    Submitted by hotokeki October 24, 2022 Estimated time: 15 min. (Depends on how many rounds)
    Inspired by Zombies Zombie Game
    1. slmpks October 27, 2022

      Hello! Great game! I have a few questions as I have not played a game like this before.
      Am I right in thinking that only the zombies get black cards - so the only tell that someone is a zombie is when the cards are revealed after Janken and the question? So, the humans don't know the 'zombie' answers at the start, therefore the slides at the end of the powerpoint are shown to only the zombies at the start? Also just to confirm - if it is zombie vs zombie, no cards are traded? Thanks!

    2. hotokeki October 31, 2022

      So everyone knows the zombie answers, but you get a couple of 'live' kids copying the slide anyways. In a way, they throw themselves off, and the only way to truly confirm if they're a zombie is through Janken, when the cards are revealed. (Regardless of who wins!) As for the zombies, there are no cards traded. Even when they lose, they keep their cards, they just don't get any red cards when they lose. Hope this helped clear up the confusion a little more! Lmk if you have anymore questions!

    3. nickteacher February 27, 2023

      Holy smokes this powerpoint is awesome. Thanks for sharing!!! I have one question, when the human student loses their card and becomes a zombie, do they go and try to collect cards more cards as well? Then at the end of that round you see which zombie got the most cards?

    4. hotokeki April 5, 2023

      @nickteacher I made it so that only the main zombies collected the cards but you can definitely adjust it so that it's more competitive!

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