Halloween (Undas) in the Philippines

Powerpoint presentation about Halloween (All Souls' Day) in the Philippines. Includes a quiz on Philippine mythical creatures and a writing/drawing activity for students.

This activity is inspired by UonumaRobert's Halloween Scary Stories and Songs Quiz activity, and even uses a few of his slides.

The first part is an introduction to Filipino Halloween (Undas), with comparisons to how the O-bon in Japan is observed. The second part is a quiz on Philippine mythical creatures, along with a video trailer for Netflix's Trese - an animated adaptation of the Filipino comic series featuring said creatures. The final part is a drawing/writing activity where the students will choose a creature/monster from Japan and draw/write about it.

I used Japanese characters in some slides to make it easier for the students to follow the presentation, and also in place of Tagalog words.

I took out the videos I used in the ppt since the file would have been too big if I included them, but I left the youtube links so you can just download the videos and edit them back in.

For the writing part, I had to write some sample answers on the board in a fill-in-the-blank format for students to follow.

For example, for the question "What is it called?", on the board I wrote "It is called~"
"If you saw it, what would you do?" -> "If I saw it, I would~" and then also gave them a list of verbs/phrases they could use such as run away, close my eyes etc.

I know that it's not much of a writing practice, but at least this way I could get them to at least try and write something instead of turning in a blank sheet.

Edit: Compressed the gifs and re-uploaded the file.

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    Submitted by ArianneO December 9, 2022 Estimated time: 45-50 minutes
    1. Jake W December 9, 2022

      The bold formatting is because the formatter (Markdown) is looking for text between underscores (like _) and then bolding it. It's why you can write things like headings or italics, but unfortunately it makes things look funny when people want to write blanks for words. You can use dashes (-) or tildes (~) and it shouldn't turn bolding on and off.

    2. ArianneO December 9, 2022

      @Jake W Changed it now! It was bothering me a lot. Thank you so much!

    3. UonumaRobert December 9, 2022

      Very interesting presentation.

    4. Archer23 December 15, 2023

      Thanks for this Arianne. Laking tulong.

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