This is my favorite place at school!

A quick worksheet to warm kids up to talk about their favorite place at school.

Submitted by noveena

January 23, 2023

Estimated time: 10 minutes

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 2 page 30
  • I designed this activity to help students prepare to describe how to get to their favorite place at school based on Let's Try! 2 Unit 8. We used this to warm up and prepare to give short speeches on their favorite place. Image is from page 30 and 31 of Let's Try 2 and has been slightly modified to give a starting point.

    First, they will circle the steps in order, first deciding to "go" or "turn" and then will circle the direction (left, right, straight). I have added 10 chances to move since I do not believe any room would take more than that if done correctly. They can simply ignore or cross out steps they do not need.

    Next, they will write in the name of their favorite place from the word bank. My school does not have all of these rooms, so I added the word bank to give a little extra direction (and so that the room names are easier to read when printed in black and white). Please feel free to change the room names to fit your school better or remove the word bank if you feel it is too redundant.

    This is a nice way to get them thinking about the directions and give them a very tiny bit of writing pratice before they have their speaking assignment.

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    1. PingPong January 23, 2023

      I'm the first one to steal this. Thanks!

    2. noveena February 6, 2023

      Edit - updated 2/6 to fix a typo!

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