Comparative Competition and Logic puzzle

Great fun teamwork games to help JHS students with comparative

Split class into teams of 4,5 or 6 students. Give them white boards or sheets of paper to display their answers to the class (I've never tried, but typing in big font on their tablets may work too if you don't have whiteboards and you don't want to waste paper)

First introduce the grammar then explain the game.

Give them one minute to figure out the right answer and to write it on their boards.
One point for a monosyllabic answer that's correct (or an inappropriate answer like answering "Yes, It's canada", to a which question)
Two points for an attempt at producing the full structure with a correct answer.
Three points for an answer correct in grammar and in form.
Zero points for wrong or ambigious answers (no, it is, Yes it isn't)

The logic puzzles are tricky, but my classes are maybe a slightly lower level than the average and they love the challenge.

Do the first one with the white boards only, then hand out copies of the days of the week one when they finish that, because it's a little trickier.

Just explain very clearly the difference between older and younger in relation to the days of the week.
Closer to Monday is older, closer to Friday is younger, maybe explain that using arrows on the board.

Be sure to know the answer yourself and monitor the students closely offering advice to them.

It's really rewarding when you see them arrive at the right answer!

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    Submitted by LeoC91 January 24, 2023 Estimated time: 30-40 minutes+

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